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Texas Unites

Texas Unites, founded in 2015, is an animal welfare support organization serving Texas and its surrounding states.  Texas Unites was a merging of two well respected organizations, North Central Texas Animal Shelter Coalition and Texas Federation of Humane Societies, both with a long history of supporting the animal welfare community.



Our mission is to provide a system of information, support and guidance by:
• Enhancing professionalism in the animal welfare industry
• Strengthening the human companion animal bond
• Promoting respect and compassion for all life


The Texas Unites for Animals Conference

Texas Unites for Animals is the largest and most successful regional animal care conference in the country.  Our audience is the animal care & control, sheltering and rescue community. We provide quality professional development opportunities to over 500 animal welfare professionals from across the state of Texas and beyond.  Learn more: Texas Unites for Animals Conference 2018 Fact Sheet



Your annual membership connects you with the Texas Unites community, providing professional, educational opportunities and collaboration between animal welfare professionals. JOIN TODAY!


Board of Directors

Executive Board:
Dennis Wooten, President
Ann Barnes, Vice President
Lou Guyton, Treasurer
Corey Price, Secretary

Board Members:
Lauren Odum
Jody Jones
Lori Strittmatter
Chun Mezger
Jay Sabatucci
Lori Sanderson
Susan Waits
Michelle Beach

Pam Burney


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