The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA)

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Celebrating the welfare of all cats, The International Cat Association, also known as TICA, is the world’s largest feline genetic registry and is the #1 registry of domestic household pet cats and kittens. TICA was the first, and now the world’s largest, registry to allow household cats of unknown ancestry to compete for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats. Currently recognizing 73 breeds of cats - from the ancient Abyssinian to the newer breeds like the Lykoi - TICA is more than 65,000 clients and 11,000 members in 104 different countries who, just like Texas Unites participants, all speak the language of cat lover. TICA ensures the future of the cat fancy through its Junior Exhibitors Program and by mentoring new exhibitors and breeders. Members help make an impact on the health and welfare of ALL domestic cats. They serve to educate and foster spay/neuter awareness in their local communities and are active volunteers at local animal shelters and animal outreach programs. TICA members also take active roles in numerous citizen advisory groups to foster legislation to aid the health and welfare of all cats. Whether you adopt or shop, TICA is the one stop shop for all things feline! We encourage all Texas Unites participants to learn more about TICA go to No matter where you are, you’re in TICA’s world©. Fabulous felines, fun, and friendships®.

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